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About Milan Fashion Week Feb 2023

Fashion Design | Hello friends! welcome to our dedicated article about the last Milan Fashion Week, where we were present with our IV Edition Pop Up Store supporting once time Italian-Hispanic fashion designers. Innovation and sustainability have been the focus in our selection of brand and designers for this fourth edition, where many of them […]

eiDesign POP-UP | Milan Fashion Week Sep 2022

We’re happy to be present again on September 19 during Milan Fashion Week for the first time after the COVID emergency, with our usual Pop-Up Store. The only one in the city of Milan that will bring together again exclusively Spanish, Latin American and Italian independent brands and designers, with exhibition and sale of their products for […]

ORANGE | the color of the moment

Fashion | With the arrival of good weather, the streets are dressed in color. In this season, the catwalks are filled with garments of vivid tones that give off vitality and joy. Therefore, it is not surprising that fluorine colors have once again made their way into the fashion sector, although, without a doubt, the color […]

SWIMWEAR | Environmentall and Conscious

Fashion Design| Emerging firms implement recycled materials in their proposals. The world of fashion has constantly evolved, and in order to preserve the environment, it has focused on the use of different elements in the manufacture of garments for the beach. This has been joined not only by globally renowned brands, but also brands that […]

Cactus | the green revolution in the field of leather goods

Fashion Design | Innovative, sustainable and 100% green. In a word, the future. And in this case we are talking about a new version of traditional leather goods and all those accessories such as bags, shoes, etc. will replace the most classic raw material of animal origin with a totally vegetable alternative, the cactus...

MFW Woman 2022 | Celebrating sustainable fashion

Fashion Design | si è conclusa da poco l’ultima edizione della Settimana della moda a Milano. Anche questa volta, sul palcoscenico non sono mancati progetti innovativi su innovazione e sostenibilità. Tanti Brand, che si approcciano al mondo sostenibile, si impegnano a migliorare.Per primi molto del Made in Italy e Made in Spain, che giorno dopo […]

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY | between tomato dresses and ice cream suits

Fashion | Fashion is not just the glossy and frivolous one of fashion magazines, fashion is freedom of expression and evasion, it is culture and a reflection of society. It goes beyond trends and style. You can play with fashion, you can create fairy tales, rediscover the amazement of when you were a child. On a […]

BIGA AW | Sustainable fashion, style and innovation

Love for design, respect for nature and support for innovation. These are the cornerstones of the “BIGA Avant Wear” brand, born from the vocation of the Spanish Lucero sisters. Aiala and Ania Lucero are not just sisters, but have shared a strong passion for fashion and design since childhood. After his professional studies in [...]


Now more than ever, it's time to talk about new forms of creative expression, to communicate and experiment through new initiatives that will allow us to grow together towards a world that is more sustainable every day and in this regard digital fashion has a lot to say. It is estimated that in some countries, such as Japan, people devote many hours of their day to digital entertainment. […]

ELISA BELOMETI | Eco-sustainable fashion with low environmental impact

Elisa Belometi, has aimed at eco-sustainable fashion with a low environmental impact. Concerned about the negative effects that the fashion industry can cause on biodiversity, on the environment, she creates garments that last over time and are therefore totally artisanal. Having always been attracted to everything that nature can offer from an early age, she […]

12PM | History, tradition, imagination.

History joins the contemporary. Tradition to the imagination. Colors, materials and shapes combine to recall past eras with an eye to the future. These are the jewels of 12PM, a Bolognese brand born from the mind and creative flair of the designers Michela Trento and Gianluca Ricci who together with eiDesign will be present at the Milan [...]

ANTONELLA PRATO | Minimalism, eccentric and exclusive impact

Fashion|Giovane, fresca, artistica. La moda proposta da Antonella Prato è la trasposizione dell’essenza della designer in abiti dallo stile minimale ma accattivante. Uno stile che abbraccia la sua visione della bellezza e dell’estetica, dove ogni capo diventa il vero protagonista, essenziale e unico. L’arte e la creatività fanno parte della vita di Antonella Prato fin […]

NAGEOIRE | Delicate and poetic style

Fashion |Nageoire è il jewelry brand di Aurora Vetrone,  designer industriale e di gioielli nata a Roma dove ha imparato l’antica arte dell’oreficeria nella Accademia delle arti orafe.La sua visione è delicata, poetica e ispirata a tutto l’organico, materico e bello. La sua inspirazione nasce della natura, in particolare delle creature acquatiche, ama anche la […]

Laura Aparicio | travelling between Colombia and Italy

Past and present. A fusion of cultural references ranging from art to architecture, to create geometries, colors, textures and transparencies, capable of giving dynamism and unique perspectives to your clothes. Ѐ Laura Aparicio's fashion, elegant and refined, capable of combining contrasts and clean cuts with garments with a contemporary and timeless design. [...]

NATHNIT | Sustainability and Mediterranean influence

The Valencian brand NATHNIT, by designer Natxa González, presents a preview of 19 new pieces that were recently presented at the Pop Up Store eiDeisgn during the Milan fashion week. These creations are the final touch of a collection that is already close to 60 pieces in total. In addition to its exceptional design and [...]

BAG & BLOCK | Originality and versatility

When style and creativity come together, a product with a unique and inimitable design is born. An example of this are the bags of the Bag & Block brand, created by the Spanish designer Paloma Hernández Tamame, presented for eiDesign at the recent Milan Fashion Week 2019. Thanks to her mastery in the use of unusual materials such as water bottles, [...]

EÑAUT | Contemporary, minimalist and ethical

Contemporary, minimalist and ethical. The style proposed by EÑAUT is inspired by traditional aesthetics but with a modern, original and innovative note. It will be during Milan Fashion Week 2019, together with eiDesign, that the Spanish brand born in Barcelona in 2018, will present unisex fashion, with cuts and lines designed for a male audience [...]