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Some may only see a wave… but we see one whole sea: the Mediterranean. It’s the sea between the lands and the sea that unites the people of ancient civilizations.

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The Mediterranean is a theatre of human history, as it has always consecrated the tacit spiritual alliance between the Italian, Spanish and Latin American cultures. Such cultural communion still shines today, as we can wee in the values and lifestyles of the Italian and Hispanic peoples through Art, the highest of human  expressions and Design, highest artistic expression of lifestyle.

HISTORY - 2017

We were born as a consequence of the globalised and generic world in which we live, which exposes such a controversial subject as identity..

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This is where the inspiration of eiDesign was born in the year 2017, becoming the first multidisciplinary platform from independent design with Mediterranean DNA to offer it to a global world.

Dedicated to emerging Designers/Creators and independent Italian-Hispanic Brands/Studios on all its manifestations: Fashion, Product, Graphic, Interior Design and Applied Arts.

Finally, in the year 2021, the success of eiDesign as a current meeting point for Italian-Hispanic experiences and creations means that the platform will incorporate new digital features to offer more opportunities to its community members.

eiDesign has been created by aValencian designer Nelly Dominguez de Juan, who runs the platform from Milan with a network of collaborators specialised in differents design disciplines.



Our curators select the best talents; designers, artisans, creatives, artists, brands and independent studios with a well-defined DNA allowing to recognize them as talents of the Mediterranean culture.

Multidisciplinary Network

To connect the different disciplines of the Design and the Applied Arts allowing to Brands, Creators, Studio, Professionals, Enthusiasts etc, ,experimenting without limits.


Our main focus are tradition, innovation and sustainability as well as fusion and contamination with other trends and cultural influences from the rest of the world.

Physical & digital events

New opportunities for communication and exchange atthrough our digital channels; as well as at the world's most important physical design events; Milan Fashion Week and Milan Design Week.


Through our Digital magazine, we will continue to tell you all about the new Creators, their projects, initiatives and collaborations, as well as topics related to tradition, innovation and sustainability.

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Creative manager

Nelly Dominguez

Event assistant

Sebastian Chavarriaga

Content Editor

Laura Sandroni

Latin American Ambassador

Luis Omar

Design Scouts

Aurora Vertrone




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