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eiDesign POP-UP | Milan Fashion Week Sep 2022

We’re happy to be present again on September 19 during Milan Fashion Week for the first time after the COVID emergency, with our usual Pop-Up Store. The only one in the city of Milan that will bring together again exclusively Spanish, Latin American and Italian independent brands and designers, with exhibition and sale of their products for […]

World Design Capital |Valencia 2022

World Design Capital Valencia 2022 | The city of Valencia and, in general, the Valencian Community, is a land of creativity. The work of professional designers, architects, interior designers and illustrators over the last century shows a design culture that extends throughout the whole region. Valencia World Design Capital 2022 is working to promote its activity […]

HOW IT’S MADE | Big Bird

Product design | “LZF was born among friends, on the shores of the Mediterranean, that inexhaustible source of light, calm and joy." Valencian company of contemporary artisans specialized in the manufacture of lamps made by hand in wood veneer. Its main characteristic is the ability to combine traditional knowledge, hand-made by expert craftsmen, with technology and research in all its works.

CLAP STUDIO | Simplicity, elegance and playfulness

CLAP is a design studio founded in 2017 and based in Valencia, Spain, working all over the world. It focuses on designing experiences through interior design, product and art installations. The studio is formed by Jordi Iranzo and Àngela Montagud, creative director and technical architect respectively. Both are the founders of the minimalist design magazine More with less. […]

SPATIAL MATTERS | Generative art

Nicola Lorusso is an architect and generative artist active in England and Italy. Its focus is the contamination between different disciplines with particular attention to the human-digital relationship; in 2018 he founded Spatial Matters, a space research laboratory that aims to give a structure to his research in the territories on the border between man and machine. [...]

ELISA BELOMETI | Eco-sustainable fashion with low environmental impact

Elisa Belometi, has aimed at eco-sustainable fashion with a low environmental impact. Concerned about the negative effects that the fashion industry can cause on biodiversity, on the environment, she creates garments that last over time and are therefore totally artisanal. Having always been attracted to everything that nature can offer from an early age, she […]

12PM | History, tradition, imagination.

History joins the contemporary. Tradition to the imagination. Colors, materials and shapes combine to recall past eras with an eye to the future. These are the jewels of 12PM, a Bolognese brand born from the mind and creative flair of the designers Michela Trento and Gianluca Ricci who together with eiDesign will be present at the Milan [...]

STUDIO LA CUBE | Clara Hernández & Stefano Fusani.

Product Art  | Studio La Cube è uno studio di design con base a Madrid, fondato dal designer Stefano Fusani e la storica Clara Hernandez. La collaborazione tra Stefano e Clara nasce dall’interesse comune nel fondere prospettive diverse per creare una visione multidisciplinare ed esplorare così il design partendo da esperienze distanti tra loro.   […]

NATHNIT | Sustainability and Mediterranean influence

The Valencian brand NATHNIT, by designer Natxa González, presents a preview of 19 new pieces that were recently presented at the Pop Up Store eiDeisgn during the Milan fashion week. These creations are the final touch of a collection that is already close to 60 pieces in total. In addition to its exceptional design and [...]

César Bejarano | Design countertrends

Product Design | César Bejarano, architetto e designer industriale di origine messicana e residente a Madrid. Antipop è il nome del suo studio, un nome che deriva dalla fusione delle parole: Anti, che significa contro, e pop, che significa popolare. “Ciò non significa che siamo contro le cose popolari, Antipop significa che non seguiremo le tendenze, […]

GUAJIRO COLLECTION by Carilyn de la Vega & Carlos Pérez

Product Design | Carilyn de la Vega e Carlos Pérez, sono designer cubani che hanno creato la meravigliosa collezione di mobili Guajiro. Con questo progetto cercano di rivalutare la tradizione del basket cubano attraverso un approccio progettuale contemporaneo. La collezione Guajiro si ispira ai cappelli dei contadini cubani (guajiros). Lavorano nelle fattorie sotto il sole […]

DANIEL RUBIO | Rearticulate to generate new concepts

Product Design | industrial designer colombiano, la sua carriera ha una stretta relazione con il settore artigianale che gli ha permesso di conoscere un vasto universo tecnico e sopratutto di coltivare attraverso i suoi lavori diversi valori creativi, estetici e funzionali.     “É emozionante discernere, scomporre e riarticolare questi principi per generare nuovi concetti […]

COLECTIVO MANGLE | Material in transformation

María Paula Alvarez and Diego Álvarez are the members of Colectivo Mangle, a Colombian art and design studio. Great master craftsmen, their work involves materials and tools typical of carpentry. At eiDesign for this second edition of MDW19, we wanted to remember this great studio again this year with two of its pieces [...]

PALOMA RINCÓN | Photographer and author of the compositions that her objective captures.

Paloma Rincón, is a photographer from Mexico based in Madrid. During his professional career he has left a mark all over the world, for large companies such as Ikea, Samsung, Playstation, Vodafone, Powerade, as well as for more experimental and personal projects. Paloma Rincón has already been conquered from high school [...]