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 Why to join eiDesign 


FAQ subscriptions

What are the characteristics of the Network?

The Network is composed of Creators with a Mediterranean DNA selected by our curators on the basis of data collected at the time of registration. The Network is multidisciplinary and open to all manifestations of design; Fashion, Graphic, Interior design, Product design and Applied arts.

What is the Personal Page ?

The Personal Page is the Creators' public page that contains Biography, General Information, Social Network Links, Website, Projects, Videos, News and Products uploaded by the Creator. Useful for promoting and sharing the online presence.

How does e-commerce work?

With the ecommerce module you can upload your projects for sale on the Platform. To use this possibility you need to subscribe to the Basic or Pro subscription.

How do you load a Project ?

Through the Dashborad you can upload the Project or a Product. Insert Title, Description and Images. In the Main Menu of your personal page you will find a Guide with all the indications.

How do I handle my taxes?

You will calculate the taxes yourself according to the country you are in and they will be included in the price of each product.If you sell products on the platform you will have to send a receipt to your customers.  

What are the return rules ?

The return rules are in accordance with the law as for all ecommerce platforms. Details here 

Can I manage shipments autonomously ?

Sure. In the Dashboard >Settings >Shipments, you can create custom shipment types to assign to your products. You will have to manage the shipments yourself.

Commisione free ?

La commissione sarà totalmente free. La piattaforma detrarrà solo i costi di commissione per la transazione di pagamento tramite paypal.

What are the elements of interaction ?

Through the personal page you can send messages to Creators, become a Follower and Share projects.

How long is the subscription?

The subscription is valid for 12 months. 

Can I change my subscription ?

Yes, if you want to change your subscription you can do so through the dashboard. If you want to buy a larger subscription you will only pay the difference. If instead you want to go down a level you will have to wait for the subscription cadence.

Any more questions?

Contact our customer service, we are here to help you.

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