Art  | The exhibition of the Art Collective: Apollo Queer Art

Exhibition – 8 Nov 2022 – 18 Dec 2022

Madrid, Spain



This aesthetic project includes seven artists of different nationalities, ages, and paths that seek through the subversion mobile to include a new object. The members are: artist paintin Franco Zuchella born in Pavia, Italy. The subject of Franco’s research is the male body as an instrument of communication. Michael Biello: a ceramic sculptor who draws inspiration from his Italian American roots and his passion for performance and musical theatre. Daniel Garbade: spanish visual artist that works with galleries around the globe and has exhibited at Art Fairs like ART Basel or ARCO Madrid and Jose Gomez: spanish visual artist, originally from Seville and based in London. Complete this exhibition also: Quinton Lehnert, Alexander Sequeira and Peter Garrard.


Michel Biello


Franco Zucchella


The title of the exhibition explicitly alludes to the father figure and his transmutation from an insult normally attributed to women. The word transcendental alludes precisely to this irony and dichotomy between genders.

It is intended through queer, feminist, anti-colonialist or just subversive art to create questions and not just information or data.

This project or aesthetic attempt only tries to question it and the possibility of including the so-called subversive aesthetic exclusions.


José Gómez



Daniel Garbade


“If Homosexuality is more than just sex, then homosexual art is more than just images of sex.”

(James M. Salslow, 1999)


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