Installation  |  LuOgo is a multifaceted public open-air space which embraces a portion of it, giving it a new life. 

LuOgo temporarily inhabits, with its circular parterre, the lawn of Piazza dei Martiri, constituting a new centrality, thus drawing inspiration from the nomadic architecture. The circle is the most immediate form through which a place is identified, as both a founding act and an ephemeral gesture. 



23rd June – 30th September

 Lugo (Ravenna, Italy)


Photo by Gianluca Gasperoni


“The main square of LuOgo is a monumental space, in which the layering of history has created a solid and lasting image. At the same time, this large, orderly and measurable space is crossed daily by discontinuous and unpredictable flows. In this dialectic between the defined urban context and the incessant transformation dictated by the human factor, ephemeral architecture, which is by definition transitory, finds a new topicality and new forms of expression”.

— explains Margherita Manfra, one of the founders of the Orizzontale Collective.


Photo by Gianluca Gasperoni


The creation process involved a total of 15 participants (in the form of a workshop open to inhabitants, students and young professionals).
To provide a visual link between the inside and outside, the space is enriched with terraces, swings, slides and deck chairs, the structure is equipped with LED lighting and shielded by shading boards and nets covered with climbing plants.


Photo by Gianluca Gasperoni


The great innovation of the modular system is the possibility to leave room for unexpected results that arise from the interaction between people.