Fashion Design| Emerging firms implement recycled materials in their proposals.

The world of fashion has constantly evolved, and in order to preserve the environment, it has focused on the use of different elements in the manufacture of garments for the beach.

This has been joined not only by globally renowned brands, but also brands that have carved out a place for themselves in the textile industry.


Isla de Lobos (Argentina)


Juan de Dios (Colombia)

This need is due to the fact that classic swimwear is made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon, which come from petroleum, and which, when washed, release microplastic particles that pollute the seas.


RSB Swimwear (Venezuela)

Latin American brands such as Juan de Dios, Intrínseco, Isla de Lobos, Frøens, and RSB Swimwear; Spanish brands such as B the Beach brand, AllSisters, Serra, Clō Stories, Nael, Now Then, Bohodot and Olyswimwear, and Italian brands such as The Attico and Fisch, among others, make their swimming costumes with Econyl, Reboyarn from recycled plastic bottles or implement water use reduction to support the cause.

They also have the Oeko-Tex certificate, which states that the fabrics are free of substances harmful to the body. There is no doubt that we must continue to support these brands that are in favour of Zero Waste production, and that continue to seek conscious alternatives to leave an environmental footprint, as well as good quality and timelessness in each of their collections.


Fisch (Italia)