Art Event | MMMAD Festival 2022 is Madrid’s Urban Digital Arts Festival, based on the exhibition, dissemination and thinking around digital creation. Focused on the intersection between digital culture and public space, the festival has a programme consisting of exhibitions, installations, calls, workshops, conferences and meetings throughout the city.

MMMAD is a project of HYPER STUDIO that was created with the aim of bringing closer digital art to the general public, through the development of actions in the public space.

The festival started on the 3rd of May but will remain throughout the city until the 28th of May.

MMMAD is divided into three sections: Events, Exhibitions and Installations.


Enjoy our selection of the best Events, Exhibitions and Installations that you can see on MMMAD Festival



13, 20 and 27 MAY

This coming week we will have an international art project by COLECCIÓN SOLO, based in Madrid, on the 13th, 20th and 27th May at Espacio SOLO. Entry is free, but to reserve your place you have to register online.
It is a contemporary art project, where we will be able to observe several collections of digital art from outstanding artists. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of visiting an exhibition that aims at a collective reflection about what we take for granted.


Colección Solo


Colección Solo



EVENTS | Nuevas Narrativas Eco-Digitales, Sesión de Video-Ensayo

24 MAY

On the 24th at Sala Equis (C. del Duque de Alba, 4, 28012 Madrid) we have the presence of Patricia Domínguez with the project “The Ballad of the Dry Mermaids”, where she expresses her rage against society’s problems, passing on the message “change your habits or die”. The guest artist will be Juan Covelli with the piece “El Salto”.


Patricia Domínguez


Patricia Domínguez



EVENTS | MMMAD Dome – Music, Performance and Digital Art Live

27, 26 and 28 MAY

During the last three days of the festival at DOMO360 (Av. Puerta de Hierro, 2, 28040 Madrid) there will be an exhibition bringing together visual and sound artists, with the collaboration of DOMO360, a structure with 360 projections. This event is not free. There are daily passes and a three-day pass. 


Domo 360



INSTALATION | Mirando al cielo, Adriana B

04-18  MAY

Adriana Berges presents “Mirando al Cielo“, a project ex profeso for Habitación Número 34 in which she understands painting as a language to create an unreal landscape, an illusion through fragments of images within an installation formed by the space itself. Far from transporting us and having the opportunity of an inverted room like this one, her proposal “Mirando al Cielo” pretends to be an opportunity to experience other ways of seeing and generating spaces through painting with virtual references.

→ Habitación Número 34 (Av. Cerro de los Ángeles, 34, 28026 Madrid)


Adriana Berges



EXPOSITION | MMMAD Minute x ONKAOS, urban group exhibition

04-31  MAY

Every night in May at 23:59  the screens of the iconic Palacio de la Prensa in Callao will stop broadcasting ads to transform into huge digital canvases showing a selection of site-specific works by renowned international artists curated by ONKAOS.

We will reflect on the city through the landscapes created by Botto, a generative artificial intelligence governed by its community; visit the dystopian future of Chino Moya, where science and mathematics rule a system of quasi-authoritarian aesthetics that has finished with the rest of living beings; reflect on progress, doubt and diversity around identity through the work of filip custic; enjoy the friendly characters of Juan Díaz-Faes, created with geometric shapes, lines and bustling patterns; delve into the data clouds, code and complex machine learning algorithms of Mario Klingemann, and question our behavior in society with the work of SMACK, a space of solitary individuals swarming through a digital world.


Filip Custic


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