Marketplace Guidelines 



What happens when a product has been sold?

Once the payment has been made through PayPal, Creator Seller and Buyer User will receive an email from eiDesign with the confirmation of the order and the details of it.


Where can I view my orders?

Menu Dashboard / Orders, on this page you can manage your orders





What is the procedure to follow once the sale has been made?

  1. Prepare your product and manage with your transport company the delivery to your Buyer User.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: update the status of your orders at each step.

Menu Dashboard / Orders: choose the order, click on it to update its status. In this way user buyer can track in real time his order status.

  • In process: Turn on this status while preparing the product and shipping.
  • Pause: Enables this status only if preparation and shipping have been blocked for some reason.
  • Completed: Activate this option when shipment have been completed.
  • Return: activate this option if your Buyer User has request you a return.



3. SEND TRACKING NUMBER to your user buyer. You can send to User buyer directly notifications and documents when you want. 




What happens if a product is out of stock?

In the event that a product for sale has been sold out and has not been previously detailed on the product page, the amount paid by the buyer User must be refunded, unless your buyer user agrees to receive the order later. In this case, duly inform him of the date on which he will be able to receive the product.



eiDesign through PAYPAL, every 30 (thirty) days will settle in its current account associated PAYPAL checking account, the amount that constitute the result of total sales, deducting 15% of the total withheld by eiDesign, partly as a global coverage of the administrative management costs of the Paypal Service and partly as consideration for the Intermediation Service performed.

eiDesign will send an invoice to the seller creator for the amount of 15% withheld on the sale of each product.

All payments are managed autonomously by Paypal, a third-party service; eiDesign does not collect payment data, such as credit card numbers; you only receive a notification once the payment has been made.



Any complaint related to a Transaction completed through the Platform should be sent exclusively to the selling Creator.

As anticipated above, eiDesign is not part of the contract, it is necessary to contact the other party for all information requests, complaints and refunds.

We remind Buyer Users if they are consumers, of their rights under the Consumer Law (Legislative Decree no. 206 of September 6, 2005).

However, the Platform remains accessible for any eventuality in the email address.



In the event of a refund request by the Buyer User, the Seller Creator within 3 days of receiving it, must communicate it to eiDesign  indicating the total amount to be refunded; eiDesign, within 3 succesive days will refund the amount to the User.

How should I communicate a request refound to eiDesign?

The Seller Creator will be able to communicate refund to eiDesign through Menu Dashboard / Orders, selecting the order number and clicking on “Refund Request” icon, or sending a notification by email to



Last step

Send the invoice to your buyer.