DesignA style that goes beyond the schemes, that goes beyond any kind of convention and that puts utility, functionality and innovation in the first place.

È il design di Gianluca Bocchetta nato a Chieri, in provincia di Torino, nel 1983. Dopo il diploma come geometra, prosegue i suoi studi in architettura e industrial design lavorando, poi, in alcuni studi e aziende di Torino.

Nel 2012, forte dell’esperienza acquisita e della passione del creare, fonda VELVET, il suo studio di progettazione di interior e product design.

A project born from the designer's need to give meaning to spaces. A constant and perpetual investigation into the feelings of those who inhabit them and live in them, giving space to what the place conveys and not to what it was intended for.


 “Whatever the form, every project must arouse a unique emotion, must improve life, must be an authentic experience.” 

This is how he describes his idea of design, which he translates into unconventional creations and projects in which, before beauty, it is utility that comes through, the emotion of living.

Ergonomic, innovative spaces where everything is designed and created on the basis of the human relationships that make up the very essence of the project.



A vibrant essence that carries with it the designer's unique passion and inventiveness, and conveys an ever-growing enthusiasm and ongoing deep understanding of the society around us. 

The person inspires every creation and this, in turn, manifests the personality and the most intrinsic and hidden needs. The hidden desires and ideas never expressed that become alive through lines, shapes and colors.



But it is in 2018 that the design evolution of the studio shows itself in all its strength. The need to transmit its creativity without any contamination, where the project privileges emotion. 

Muta1 is born, a collection of furnishing accessories with sensual and controversial lines. Where essentiality joins the quality of materials, giving life to original and authentic objects.



Creations that speak and convey an intentional and refined honesty that goes beyond what is seen. A design that completely redefines the idea of product giving life to projects that are always new, captivating and highly emotional.